Oct 22 2012

Do You Have A Bucket List?

The idea of creating a bucket list in part consists of overcoming fears, achieving goals and realizing dreams.   The items on your bucket list may be either simple or adventurous, but they must be things that matter to you so that you can experience all the things that life has to offer.

I’ve never formally created an actual bucket list … but have decided that it’s time!  Life is too short to not to live each moment to the fullest!!

So here are the Top 30 on my bucket list!


1.   Visit Australia 

2.   Go skydiving

3.   Go horseback riding 

4.   Scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef 

5.   Go for a ride in a helicopter

6.   Take a gondola ride in Venice

7.   Learn to juggle

8.   Go to a World Series Game

9.   Take a ride in a hot air balloon

10. Spend the day at Central Park in New York City

11. Go ziplining (this will be in Spring 2013)

12. Get a tattoo

13. Learn to play guitar

14. Dance barefoot in the rain with a friend

15. Go parasailing

16. Stay up all night laughing and talking with my best friend

17. Try fencing (no, not building a fence!)

18. Learn a second language

19. Train in Capoeira on the beach

20. Learn to snowboard

21. Write a children’s book

22. See a Broadway show

23. Train in Search and Rescue

24. Rent a Jeep and just drive!

25. Have an animal therapy farm for individuals with autism

26. Relax in a hammock

27. Sleep under the stars

28. Visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame

29. See the Northern Lights

30. Bonfire all night on the beach with friends… then watch the sunrise

I actually have one more to add… a very special one that should happen later this year… and that is ride the Tea Cups at Disney with my friend, Stacey… and maybe Peter if we decide to let him on!!

Do you have a bucket list?  What’s on yours?

Until next time…




As a Canadian blogger and the mom of a child on the autism spectrum, Jen shares a lot about life while having a child with autism... raising autism awareness and the need for acceptance. She is an active advocate both online and in the community for those with autism but also service dogs. Also as a volunteer for the I CARE Foundation Jen shares a great deal of information about international parental child abduction (IPCA) in an effort to help raise awareness and educate parents about the risks and warning signs of international parental child abduction. Mom-ology has been ranked in the Top 25 Canadian Mom Blogs for 2012 & 2013, one of the Most Influential Canadian Mom Blogs for 2013 as well as placing in 1st (Disability) & 3rd (Activism & Social Justice) for the Canadian Weblog Awards 2013.

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  1. Tracy @ usingtimewisely.com

    Your list sounds pretty good. I would add an Alaskan cruise and visiting Hawaii. :-)

    1. Jen

      sounds like great additions Tracy!!

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