Nov 13 2012

The Return of The Elf On The Shelf

It’s that time of year again… Bean is anxiously awaiting the arrival of ‘Pom Pom’… his Elf on the Shelf.

The Elf on the Shelf is a fun way for kids to imagine how Santa knows who to put on the Nice or the Naughty list.  The tradition goes like this:

Santa sends out his scout elves to Elf Adoption Centers and there they wait for families to bring them home.  Once they get to their new home, they observe all that goes on around the house… with no good deed being unnoticed!  Each night they use their magical powers to fly back to the North Pole to report to Santa.  Before the family wakes in the morning, the Elf has returned to their family’s home.  Now they like to play games, so don’t expect the Elf to be in the same spot each day!   The only real rule is that the Elf can not be touched… if they are, they risk losing their magical powers!

We decided to try this last year as Bean was having a lot of behavioural issues related to his autism.  As a believer, we thought this may be a great visual for him… seeing that the Elf was watching and reporting back to Santa.  We had so much fun with this last year and yes, it did help with some of the more simple behaviours!  Every morning, Bean would get up and run downstairs to see where Pom Pom was and what he was doing.  His favourite memory from last year was the morning that he found Pom Pom perched on the side of the fish tank with a homemade fishing rod.  Not sure the fish enjoyed that one, but Bean sure did!

There are so many things that you can set up your child’s Elf to do… here are a few funny examples.

  • make a fort out of cans in pantry
  • snowball marshmallow fight
  • make snow angels on the kitchen counter with flour/salt/sugar
  • snowball fight with other stuffed animals (cotton balls)
  • toilet paper the Christmas tree
  • put underwear and socks on tree
  • write his name in toothpaste on the bathroom mirror
  • unroll toilet paper in the house
  • take the camera and took lots of pictures of himself
  • make a Lego house
  • hide in the Christmas tree
  • make a zip line from upstairs to the downstairs
  • cover up the names on the stockings with a piece of tape with his name on it.
  • make a scavenger hunt by taking yarn and threading it through the house to find the present at the end.

On a side note, Elf on the Shelf, along with Save the Children, have teamed up to help those that are affected by Hurricane Sandy.  You can help by simply clicking ‘LIKE’ on their Facebook post about Save the Children.  For each LIKE, the Elf on the Shelf will donate $1 to Save the Children’s Hurricane Relief fund, up to $40,000.00.  There is NO EASIER way for you to make a difference!!!  Please share with your friends!

Apparently this year, Pom Pom arrives the night of November 20th in our house…. so the countdown is on!

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf that visits your house or classroom?   Care to share any of their antics?

Now to plan the activities for the next month!



As a Canadian blogger and the mom of a child on the autism spectrum, Jen shares a lot about life while having a child with autism... raising autism awareness and the need for acceptance. She is an active advocate both online and in the community for those with autism but also service dogs. Also as a volunteer for the I CARE Foundation Jen shares a great deal of information about international parental child abduction (IPCA) in an effort to help raise awareness and educate parents about the risks and warning signs of international parental child abduction. Mom-ology has been ranked in the Top 25 Canadian Mom Blogs for 2012 & 2013, one of the Most Influential Canadian Mom Blogs for 2013 as well as placing in 1st (Disability) & 3rd (Activism & Social Justice) for the Canadian Weblog Awards 2013.

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  1. Tracy @ usingtimewisely.com

    This is such a neat idea. It’s like the Amazing Race with an Elf. Keep sharing! :-)

    1. Jen

      It is a lot of fun Tracy! Love it… amazing race with an elf… too funny! Last year I got a little bogged down with ideas, but this year I’m planning ahead! LOL… C is so very excited that Pom Pom will be back soon!

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