Apr 13 2012

‘Thyme’ to Start an Herb Garden – Pinterest Friday

I have a number of goals this Spring and one of them is to start an herb garden.  I found some fantastic ideas on Pinterest that I thought I’d share… just in case anyone else is looking for ideas.

















I love this idea from Camille Styles (left) and Not Just A Housewife (right).  What a fantastic use of mason jars!

Thank you Apartment Therapy for giving me a use for all the tea containers that I have and didn’t want to throw out… just in case!!



We don’t have a lot of space and do have the furry family members that love to run a Daytona 500 track in the backyard.

A great outdoor hanging herb garden idea from Making Lemonade… I like that this is off the ground and away from the dogs!

 A Hanging Coffee Cup Herb Garden from Under the Table and Dreaming

 I have the perfect spot for this on my deck!!

 I found a link a few weeks ago about using a pallet for a horizontal vegetable garden – love Life on a Balcony‘s idea of using one as a vertical herb garden!

 Do you have an herb garden?  If so, have you done an indoor or outdoor garden?


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  1. Sharon Cummings

    Can you tell me where you got the Thyme from? I am trying to start a herb garden myself. I love these ideas how to plant them in. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jen

      you should actually be able to get any of those herbs as starters at places like home depot or garden places – but perhaps not until it’s in season where you are :) good luck!

  2. Tracy @ usingtimewisely.com

    When we lived in an apartment, I had a container garden on our patio. Fast-forward ten years, I now plant in our yard: http://usingtimewisely.com/2012-garden-journal-april-edition/.

    1. Jen

      seen your post which is what really got me moving on my thought process :) great post!!!

      1. Tracy @ usingtimewisely.com

        Thanks, Jen. I look forward to your garden pics.

  3. Mandy S

    Super cute ideas. I’m going to share with my readers.

    1. Jen

      thanks! hope they get some inspirations! i can’t wait to start :) thanks for sharing!

  4. SueH

    Just dropped in here via the ‘surprise me’ button on the A-Z blog hop!

    I know this isn’t your designated ‘L’ entry for that challenge, but I couldn’t resist these wonderful ideas for growing herbs! (although, the first couple of pics show the use of jars – what happens about drainage?)

    I have some herbs set to go as we speak – just basic terracotta pots – but I have a raised stand I might use, to show them off a bit! 😉

    Happy A-Z’ing, anyway!

    SueH I refuse to go quietly!

    1. Jen

      Hi Sue – thanks for visiting!

      Good point about the drainage. I’ve heard that putting some stones in the bottom can help with drainage – whether it would help in this case? I’ll have to try to do some reading before I take the plunge – hopefully next week!

      Terracotta pots – some of my faves. I have a bunch upstairs that don’t have homes at the moment… hmmmm – now the brain is working again!! Happy Herb Gardening… and A to Zing :)


  5. Andrea

    I just love these ideas. I am afraid of PINTEREST, but really enjoy seeing the limited items folks pin!

    1. Jen

      glad you are able to enjoy some of the pinterest fun! :)

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